Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ep. 62 - Building Blocks of Fashion

Joining Jill for this episode is Ellen!  Ellen is Ellblo on Ravelry and Instagram.  You should check out her blog L.A. Is My Beat!

Finished projects:
Ellen got to show off her Belle Epoque Shawl by Kira Dulaney.  She used MadelineTosh Merino Light in Grasshopper from her friend Natalie and then added a burgundy color, Medieval of the Merino Light for the edging.  Her Rav page here.  She also added the same edging from the Belle Epoque, to a crochet shawl she had made in the past using the Klamath pattern by Sarah Kukuchek.  The original shawl was in Berroco Boboli yarn and the edging is in a bright orange Shibui Lace Weight yarn.  Ellen made a wonderful version of the G.G. Cardigan by Nadia Fuad that was inspired by a $2,800 granny square coat by Rosetta Getty worn by Gigi Hadid.  Her Rav page here

Ellen likes to combine knitting and crochet.  She uses a top-down formula, similar to the February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynn and then crochets the body and sleeves.  An example is her Noro-Brigo Cardigan.  She made a great cover for her ukulele strap out of crochet!
Jill finished some crochet baby booties using the Hammerhead Sharks booties pattern by Kristi Simpson.  She used some RYC DK superwash yarn and Knit Picks Stroll Sport in white.  Her Rav page here.  Jill also finished spinning some Merino/Silk/Bamboo from BJS Fiber Creations in a fall colorway.

Our Current Fix:
Jill is only working on her Zweig sweater by Caitlin Hunter out of Malabrigo Sock in Persia and Pearl.  She is hoping to finish before the Olympics start!  Her Rav page is here.
Ellen is crocheting another Virus Shawl. This one is using Trendsetter Yarns "Smoothies"  It is a gradient yarn but it is challenging to crochet with because of the multiple untwisted strands.  Her Rav page here.

What We're Jonesing For:
Jill is into the Saltwater Bay cardigan by Amy Christoffers from Knitty, Winter 2017.  She thinks the Owlentines by Rachel Borello Carroll is cute and timely for Valentine's Day.  Since we're talking crochet, she recently queued The Adirondack Wrap by ChiWei Ranck.
Ellen has a Valentine's project in mind as well, the A Hearty Hello Shawl by, a triangular shawl in filet-crochet.  She also likes the Ribbie Taiyo Scarf by Megan Delorme.  She is also inspired by a picture of an amazing crochet top with a giant eyeball across the front and granny stripes.

Uppers, Downers and Miscellaneous Links:
WeHo Stitch 'n' Bitch at the Original Farmer's Market
The Little Knittery at 1808 No. Vermont Ave, Los Feliz.
Tunisian Crochet - Jill was thinking of these shawls by Aiobhe Ni
Sven Kirsten - Book of Tiki
Granny Greensbag by Ellen Bloom
Eyeball Shawl by Stephen West
Beth's Little Star Afghan by Beth Parsons
Hana Hou felted ukulele case by Wendy Bernard
Hollywood's Garden of Allah book series by Martin Turnbull
Lost Light by Michael Connelly


  1. Hey Jill! I just listened to the podcast! We sure covered A LOT of subjects! Thanks again for the guest spot!

  2. Hi Skeiners I got Poodle Cozies too at Velveteria Poodletopia Thanks for the Plug Velveteria